Update 291a

  1. - 1080p , 1440p and 4k resolution is now supported
  2. - Fixed Fullscreen problems
  3. - Warning added for users about movement bug and potential fixes for it in-game
  4. - 5 different colored Flowers were added mainly for pixel art purposes
  5. - Added new decorations and elements
  6. - Fixed bug were enemies would just go into random directions instead of attacking you.
  7. - Fixed QuickSave / Quickload bug
  8. - Fixed problems with respawning , being stuck on the respawn screen
  9. - Redesigned the build menu
  10. - Fixed a bug were flowers would spawn different items instead of themselves
  11. - Bush price was increased to 4 plants from 2.
  12. - New game / Continue was added in the main menu , giving players an option to start a new savegame
  13. - Fixed a bug that caused enemies to take way too low damage to walls.


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Nov 23, 2018

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